Top 10 Best Disc Golf Discs for Intermediate Players Review in 2021 [Buying Guide]

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How would you know about your disc golf skill level? Practice makes a person perfect. But it’s not the only practice that can make you a disc golf hero! Are you wasting your time on disc golf, which is not even made for your skill level?

A wrong disc not only can turn you into a bad player, but it can also spoil your fun of sport too. The only solution here is knowing your disc. Knowing about what you are playing with is always a good thing, and if it’s disc golf, you should know it.

Ultimately, it’s your disc golf, which will influence your whole sport! So, are you an intermediate disc golf player? How have you known it? Even if you are, are you playing with the best disc golf discs for intermediate players?

Besides all the disc golf tips for intermediate players, we are here to help you find your cherished disc golf. So, are you ready to invest some of your time and find the best piece of disc golf for you? Let’s start!

If you are in a hurry, just check the quick list!

Serial NumberProduct Name Ratings Check Price
1MVP Disc Sports Neutron Tesla Disc Golf Driver4.5Check Price On Amazon
2Dynamic Discs Prime Judge Disc Golf Putter4.7Check Price On Amazon
3Latitude 64 Opto Line River Driver4.5Check Price On Amazon
4INNOVA GStar Leopard3 Fairway Disc4.8Check Price On Amazon
5Discraft Pro D Soft Magnet
4.5Check Price On Amazon
6Discraft Buzzz Pro D Golf Disc
4.5Check Price On Amazon
7Axiom Discs Proton Envy Disc Golf Putter4.6Check Price On Amazon
8Latitude 64 Opto Diamond Disc Golf Driver4.8Check Price On Amazon
9Innova Material Rhyno Disc4.4Check Price On Amazon
10Dynamic Discs Fuzion Burst Felon Fairway Disc4.7Check Price On Amazon

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What are intermediate level discs?

Which types of Disc golf player you are? Are you a beginner, intermediate player, or an advanced player? Actually, on the basis of experience, the level of disc golf players can be determined. And for each level of player, disc golf also differs.

According to the skill level, disc golf is also made of different types. Normally, if a disc golf player plays for 2-3 years consistently, he/she can be termed as an intermediate player.

If in a disc golf course on an 18 hole round, you can make nine or less than nine shots, you can be considered as an intermediate disc golf player. Driving disc golf over 300 feet is also considered an intermediate player’s skill.

To make sure that intermediate players are able to enjoy their game properly, disc golf makers produce certain types of discs. Apparently, intermediate disc golfs are made as overstable and understable.

While the beginners are mainly into putter, primary distance, and midrange disc, intermediate disc golf is a little bit more than that. And these disc golfs are known as intermediate level disc.

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best disc golf discs for intermediate players

Top 10 Best Disc Golf Discs for Intermediate Players Review

Let’s dive in!

1. MVP Disc Sports Neutron Tesla Disc Golf Driver

MVP Disc Sports Neutron Tesla Disc Golf Driver

If you already have used any MVP products, this one will provide you extra joy with an extra throw. Among the four distance MVP driver, this one is the second. It is both neutral and slightly overstable.

If you have heard about MVP Volt, MVP Disc Sports Neutron Tesla Disc Golf Driver can be easily called the big brother of it. Yes, it is not the fastest disc golf to drive in the market.

But it can easily outdo its fellow discs. If you are going to throw the disc up to 350 feet, the result can be good. Even if you put a little hyzer, the disc will go swiftly.

If you are trying to gain pinpoint accuracy while playing disc golf, this one can really help you with that. You can hit long-range with it too. It offers a workable turn resistant that provides a stable option for both sidearm and backhand throwers. Are you thinking about fade and turn?

Then, you have nothing to worry about. MVP Disc Sports Neutron Tesla Disc Golf Driver contains a balance between reliable fade and subtle turn. It is designed to get some extra distance too.

While speed rating from 6-9 is considered as the best speed for disc golf, MVP Disc Sports Neutron Tesla Disc Golf Driver will provide you exactly speed 9. As made of durable and premium plastic, this disc will help you to get a professional look and amazing experience too.

Why Is This A Top Pick?

  • The considerably better fairway driver
  • Accurate long-range pinpoint
  • Premium plastic-made
  • Good in turn-resistance
  • Reliable fade
  • Stable-overstable driver
  • PDGA approved
  • Easy to throw
  • Can be controlled easily
  • Good for covering extra-distance
  • Professional look
  • Some users didn’t like the quality of plastic in this disc golf
  • Having a big hand or big fingers can create a slight problem to hold the disc
  • Can be tough to play within the wind

2. Dynamic Discs Prime Judge Disc Golf Putter

Dynamic Discs Prime Judge Disc Golf Putter | 170g Plus

Gaining massive popularity just after launching any disc golf putter is exceptional, and Dynamic Discs Prime Judge Disc Golf Putter made it possible! It created instant buzz right after releasing!

With a nice flat top and big head, this putter will make your enjoy every moment while playing. The most amazing thing about this disc is the plastic. You will be able to enjoy different types of plastic in it. The most popular one of them is the Prime Burst.

This plastic contains a burst feature and is known for its low price and nice grip. Though the disc is cheap, it is durable enough to make your sport perfect. This putter is sticky. So, you will be able to play with it in the rainy weather too.

Combining all its positive qualities, you can make a really long shot with this one. Besides all that, Dynamic Discs Prime Judge Disc Golf Putter is known for its straight fly rating with the highest accuracy, fading, and high-speed.

While ensuring a great game and nice putt, it will be stable enough. You may be an intermediate disc golf player; you may be a beginner. But with this product, you will be able to enjoy an amazing round of games without considering your skill.

Dynamic Discs Prime Judge Disc Golf Putter is made for all disc golf lovers. If you are trying to get a reputed product with all the best qualities, you can really keep this one on your list!

Why Is This A Top Pick?

  • Amazing range of plastic
  • Affordable
  • Easy to throw
  • Multiple color option
  • Straight and accurate fly
  • No fading
  • Popular
  • Good grip and a nice throw
  • The disc material is very comfortable.
  • Durable
  • Good for a long shot
  • Stable
  • Good for all skill-level player
  • Every color doesn’t contain the same burst pattern

3. Latitude 64 Opto Line River Driver

Latitude 64 Opto Line River Driver

Do you want to pick your favorite color while playing disc golf? Not every brand offers it, but if you have Latitude 64 Opto Line River Driver to buy in your mind, you can choose the disc golf according to your color choice.

Besides, you will get one color in different shades too. If you are not interested in color even, there are other things that will attract you to this disc golf. One of the main factors is its popularity.

It’s been decades that Latitude 64 Opto Line River Driver has gained universal popularity among the players. It has the ability to glide tremendously, and that makes it perfect for the players. This disc is a fairway driver.

So, you will be able to enjoy good control as well as better speed. This disc golf offers Speed seven ratings, which is quite good for the player. Within these speed ratings, disc golf performs the best and in a balanced way.

Not only this, Latitude 64 Opto Line River Driver is very easy to throw too. Whether you are an advanced level player or intermediate level player, this disc golf will fit you perfectly. With the amazing gliding ability and fade, you will be able to fly it really high without much effort!

Another unique thing about Latitude 64 Opto Line River Driver is, this disc golf is made of Opto line plastic, which is considered one of the most durable plastics around the world. You can even drive it better within extreme conditions too!

Why Is This A Top Pick?

  • Opto Line plastic
  • Multiple colors
  • Covers every skill level
  • Nice gliding ability
  • Perfect fading quality
  • Durable materials
  • Popular disc
  • Can be used in extreme condition
  • Nice color option
  • Can fly really high
  • Good for every skill type
  • Easy to throw
  • No negative feedback

4. INNOVA GStar Leopard3 Fairway Disc

INNOVA GStar Leopard3 Fairway Driver Golf Disc

What is special about your present disc golf? Does it have a better grip or more flexibility? What about buying something that will offer you more than that?

Let us present to you the enhanced version of disc golf INNOVA GStar Leopard3 Fairway Disc, which comes with extra flexibility and better grip. Besides, it combines a blend of different other star qualities too!

This amazing disc golf just won’t offer you an amazing play but also ensure a beautiful flight. It will fly smoothly, and with the gradual transition in flight, it will create a lasting impression.

Like the other Star line, INNOVA GStar Leopard3 Fairway Disc is also durable. Even if it is cold weather, INNOVA GStar Leopard3 Fairway Disc will perform perfectly. Within the cold weather, you will get both flexibility and grip from it.

And believe us, its performance is really tough to beat! Besides the winter, you will enjoy the same flexibility from INNOVA GStar Leopard3 Fairway Disc during the summertime too.

Considering the speed rating between 6-9 is perfection, you will get an amazingly balanced speed experience from INNOVA GStar Leopard3 Fairway Disc. It will offer you multiple color options too. This disc will ensure you a straight flight that contains a controllable turn.

INNOVA GStar Leopard3 Fairway Disc is an adjustable driver that adjusts the angles of releases. All these things combinedly make this disc a versatile one!

Why Is This A Top Pick?

  • Multiple color option
  • Adjustable angles
  • Controllable turn
  • Seven-speed rating
  • Made of nice and effective material
  • Versatile disc golf
  • Perfect speed
  • Nice material
  • Durable
  • Controllable
  • Flexible in every weather
  • Better grip
  • Some customers are not happy with the plastic

5. Discraft Pro D Soft Magnet

Discraft Pro D Soft Magnet

Going for a well-known brand can always be a plus point. Using a Discraft product will make you remember this every time. To ensure the best for the users, Discraft always came up with new ideas and new products.

As a part of its stable putt and approach disc, the company has made Discraft Pro D Soft Magnet. And guess what? This time they haven’t been unsuccessful even!

How soft is the disc? Honestly, it isn’t too soft or too hard. It will help you to get a neutral feeling in your hand. Whether it is windy weather or not, Discraft Pro D Soft Magnet will help you to make the perfect shot. If you are looking for a short-range driver and approach disc, this is the best one that you can look for.

This disc is made of Pro-D plastic. These plastics are less expensive. So, you will be able to buy this disc within your range. Beginners will love it. But for you as an intermediate player, you will get the same benefit from this disc as well. It comes will amazing grip and multiple color selection.

Besides, you can pick your desired disc weight while buying this one. A perfect combination of weight and color- sounds lovely, doesn’t it? This disc golf is perfect for a straight putt. Besides, its stability rating is 0.0.

Controlling it and playing it consistently within Discraft Pro D Soft Magnet is possible too. So, are you ready to take a look personally at this disc golf?

Why Is This A Top Pick?

  • 0.0 stability
  • Available in multiple colors and weight
  • Straight putt
  • Made of Pro-D plastic
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Good for windy weather
  • Amazing grip
  • Moderate soft
  • Good for the short-range driver
  • Consistency
  • Good for all the skill level
  • It is not available in all colors

6. Discraft Buzzz Pro D Golf Disc

Discraft Buzzz Pro D Golf Disc

What comes into your mind while you are thinking about a Discraft Buzzzz? Normally, with the other Buzzz you will get 0.5 stability. But Discraft Buzzz Pro D Golf Disc is a bit different from the rest. In it, you will enjoy 0.0 stability.

Not only that! Besides being an amazing midrange driver, this disc provides a straight flying experience too! If you are making a list of the most popular disc golfs, Discraft Buzzz Pro D Golf Disc will be one of them.

Since production, its popularity has reached the sky. It is understable and easy to throw. Besides, it is ultra-dependable too.

Due to its quality of flying straight, all you just have to do is throwing the disc. It will fly on the line you have thrown it to! Using this disc golf is so comfortable that you will love to try it again and again. Discraft Buzzz Pro D Golf Disc is made of Pro-D plastic, which makes the whole disc priceless.

While using this disc, you will be able to explore different colors and weights too. While investing in something, we want to value and quality of the product. With Discraft Buzzz Pro D Golf Disc, you will get them both at a time!

With the bright colors and nice speed, your playtime experience will be better and consistent too. So, what are you thinking? Just get a grip of this disc golf. You will be impressed for sure!

Why Is This A Top Pick?

  • 0.0 stability
  • Multiple color selection option
  • Less price
  • Pro-D plastic made
  • Variety of weight selection facility
  • Straight fly
  • Amazing Speed
  • Consistent performance
  • Good grip and nice grip
  • The perfect combination of color and weight
  • Amazing Speed
  • Nice stability
  • Nice accuracy
  • Good for all types of skill level
  • No negative feedback

7. Axiom Discs Proton Envy Disc Golf Putter

Axiom Discs Proton Envy Disc Golf Putter

Do you have a passion for using the first product of any renowned brand? You don’t have to look much! Here we are with the perfect product for you. Axiom Discs Proton Envy Disc Golf Putter is the first putter of Axiom disc.

With the best USP’s of the brand, this putter will provide you an oversold technology too. So, what else are you going to get from this disc golf?

Let’s take a look!

Starting from the outside of the disc, you will enjoy the most modern design and fancy quality work. Bus besides this, Axiom Discs Proton Envy Disc Golf Putter will offer you a huge collection of plastic variation. You will enjoy a flat top, shiny plastic, and shallow rim in this disc.

For all these characteristics, Axiom Discs Proton Envy Disc Golf Putter will perfectly get fit within your hand, which will make the putt and approach process much easier thing to do. This disc provides high-speed stability that is ensured by the stable-overstable putter.

Besides offering a straight flight, it ensures a dependable, stable approach too. Axiom Discs Proton Envy Disc Golf Putter is made of Proton plastic, which will work perfectly within the roughest weather too. Even this disc golf is PDGA approved for use professionally too.

With the minimum fade and smooth speed, you would love to play with Axiom Discs Proton Envy Disc Golf Putter. So, what are you thinking about? Are you going to try this one?

Why Is This A Top Pick?

  • Perfectly stable-overstable
  • Use of over mold technology
  • The first putter of Axiom
  • Nice design and color
  • Perfectly designed for fitting.
  • Minimum fade
  • PDGA approved
  • Good for professional use
  • Nice slight
  • Easy to hold in hand
  • Attractive from the outside
  • Technologically advanced
  • High-speed
  • Some customers are not happy with the color of this disc golf.

8. Latitude 64 Opto Diamond Disc Golf Driver

Latitude 64 Opto Diamond Disc Golf Driver

If you are looking for something with perfect speed, glide, and turn- Latitude 64 Opto Diamond Disc Golf Driver is the ultimate disc golf that you are looking for.

Not only for the intermediate player, but this disc golf is also the perfect option for the beginners too!

If you are still not good with the throw and want to maximize the result of your weaker throws, then just go for this one. It will help you to make your every throw as perfect as it can be.

Besides, it is very light. Due to the considerably less weight, you can throw it easily and ensure that your disc is going high and reaching enough distance from low-speed fade.

Moreover, it is perfect for kids too! Not only that, you will enjoy Opto plastic benefits from this disc. It is very durable and effective. The mixture of both makes every throw just perfect. Latitude 64 Opto Diamond Disc Golf Driver contains a perfect rim size that helps to get a perfect grip.

If you are looking for some pastime that will offer you some fun moment and straight flight, think about this one again!

Why Is This A Top Pick?

  • Lightweight
  • Perfect fit for every hand
  • Easy to throw
  • Opto-plastic made
  • Low-speed fade
  • Straight flight
  • 8 rating speed
  • Easy grip and easy throw
  • Perfect for long-distance
  • High-speed
  • Kid-friendly
  • Premium material
  • No negative feedback till now

9. Innova Material Rhyno Disc

Innova Disc Golf Champion Material Rhyno Golf Disc

Short or medium driver? In which category do you fall into? Whatever your distance is, Innova Material Rhyno Disc is a perfect disc that will help you to reach your target!

There are different types of golf discs is made by Innova. But this one, it will blow your mind with the accuracy. If you already have used any putter, this one will help you get a better experience than before.

In this putting, you will enjoy perfect accuracy with every throw. As an overstable putter, Innova Rhyno Disc is very popular around the world. It includes a Thumbtack groove, which allows perfect grip and enough control over the shots.

Being an overstable disc also helps this disc to be controlled easily. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate disc golf player, you will love to fly your disc within control too!

As the disc is overstable, it does amazing with the headwinds and short drives. If you don’t want to overshoot the basket, this disc golf can really help you! If you are a player with better throwing power, Innova Rhyno Disc will work fine for you.

While putting the disc into the wind is easier, you will even get the chance to enjoy the super soft and flexible version of this disc too!

Why Is This A Top Pick?

  • Nice putt and approachability
  • Perfect accuracy
  • Overstable
  • Thumbtack groove
  • Soft and flexible
  • Provides enough control
  • Helps people who have better-throwing power
  • Good for short drive and headwinds
  • Perfect grip
  • Soft
  • Flexible to use
  • Easy to reach the target with accuracy
  • No negative feedback

10. Dynamic Discs Fuzion Burst Felon Fairway Disc

Dynamic Discs Fuzion Burst Felon Fairway Driver Golf Disc

Like the other disc golf of Dynamic discs, Dynamic Discs Fuzion Burst Felon Fairway Disc has its own USP too. And that is its Fuzion burst plastic. Even after all the advancement, for making the best disc golf discs for intermediate players, what mostly matters is the material.

And in Dynamic Discs Fuzion Burst Felon Fairway Disc, you will be able to enjoy one of the best plastic! Not only is this disc built in a good way, but it will also provide you enough speed than most of the disc golfs in the market. It comes with a speed 7 rating as well as glide three ratings.

This is a fairway driver that will provide you enough control and a great height while flying. Besides, due to the premium materials, your hand will feel it easy to grip and throw. Dynamic Discs Fuzion Burst Felon Fairway Disc is specially made to fight against the wind.

So, you will be able to play this disc golf in windy weather too. It comes with a hyzer finish. So, if you need a strong finish as well as nice glide, you should buy Dynamic Discs Fuzion Burst Felon Fairway Disc!

Why Is This A Top Pick?

  • Fairway driver
  • 7 rating speed
  • Fuzion burst plastic made
  • Built for wind-fighting
  • Smooth glide and hyzer finish
  • Easy to control and throw
  • Nice finishing touch
  • Provides high-speed
  • Durable and easy to grip
  • Smooth flight
  • No negative review till now.

How to determine if you are at intermediate disc golf level skill

Detecting whether you are an intermediate disc golf player or a beginner is not a tough task. There are certain things that can help you to do this.

According to the Professional Disc Golf Association, if a player can throw within 250-350 feet, plays for 2-3 years consistently and accurately, and can make 5-7/10 putt from 20 feet, then he/she can be considered as an intermediate disc golf player.

That means, to be an intermediate disc golf player, you have to play the sport for 2-3 years with accuracy and consistency. In an average disc golf course, you should have the ability to make more than nine shots on a typical 18-hole round. Besides these, you have to throw you discover 300 feet too.

Basically, if you have all these qualities within you, your skill can be considered as an intermediate disc golf player. Though, you may think that time plays a very important role in disc golf. Of course, it does. But it is not the only thing that matters here.

You may are playing for a long time, but your accuracy and consistency is at a low level. So, you may even acquire your intermediate disc golf skill within less time.

Things To Consider Before Choosing the Best Disc Golf Discs for Intermediate Players

As an intermediate disc golf player, you should know your disc golf before buying it. Your disc will be a little bit different than the others, and by choosing the perfect one, you can ensure a better experience. So, let’s take a look at those things that you should give importance to while buying disc golf.

Disc golf types

There are a total of four types of disc golf. These are- putters, midrange driver, fairway driver, and distance driver. Among them, distance driver cut the air at high speed.

On the other hand, the fairway or control disc doesn’t travel as fast as the distance one. It flies straight and easier to control. After that comes the midrange disc that has slower and straight flying.

This one will also provide you better control of your disc. Lastly, putters are for beginners and are considered the slowest golf disc. You can’t fly them too far, and they are easier to control too.

It flies straight and can be a good one for everyone. So, it depends on you and your skill which one among these types you are going to select for you.

Flight Rating

One of the major points that is important while choosing disc golf is the flight rating. There are a total of four types of flight rating, under which you will get turn rating, fade rating as well as speed, and glide. Try to focus on each one of them.


Every brand has different ratings to follow. Within the brand, you will find different ratings of disc golf. For an intermediate player choosing overstable and understable disc can be an agenda. In this case, pay attention to fade and turn. The way you throw will totally depend on it.

Turn ratings and stability of disc golf can be measured at a time. As the counting starts from +1 and ends in -5, the first one is considered as an overstable disc, and the later one is understable. As an intermediate player, these types of selection will match you too.

Fade and Turn Rating

At the end of a flight, disc golf will slow down. Now, the way it will slow down and hook hard to the left depends on its fade measures.

So, find disc golf with a proper fade rating. If you are using an understable disc, you should go for lower fade ratings. On the other hand, higher fade ratings are good for the overstable disc.


There are different brands of disc golf around the market, and as per their material, some are heavy, and some are not. Now, how much weight your disc will depend fully on you. Yet, the heavy disc will work as a wind-resister more.

A heavier disc holds much power too. If you are an intermediate player, weight should not be an issue for you.


As an experienced player, choosing high-quality plastic will be the best idea for your disc. It will be not only durable but also professional-grade too. There are two types of disc golf. The softer one and the harder one.

The softer ones are mainly built for beginners. Yet, you can use it as an intermediate disc golf player too. For a better experience, try to buy hard disc golf.


If you are not concerned about speed, there is nothing to worry about rim width. But after a certain point, speed matters. So, if you are looking for more speed in your disc golf, try to find a disc with a wider rim. In the understable and overstable disc, you can expect mostly medium speed ratings with average rim width.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Discs for Intermediate Players

How can I know I am an intermediate player?

If you played disc golf for more than 2-3 years or 50 full rounds and your average landing distance is more than 300, you can consider yourself an intermediate player.

As an intermediate player, what would be the best weight of a golf disc?

It would be best if you choose your golf disc between the values of 160-180gm.

What golf discs all professionals use?

Every professional player doesn’t use the same golf disc brand. So there is no specific brand that all pros use.

What type of disc will I need in the intermediate level?

You will need a very unstable disc and an overstable disc at this level.

What are the things I have to pay attention to when I am buying a disc?

Fade rating and turn rating are the most important thing you should check before purchasing a disc.

How many flight disc golf have?

There are four types of flight ratings in disc golf, and they represent speed, turn, glide, and fade.

What is the turn rating of overstable disc golf?

Turn rating is measured by a scale of -5 to +1. Among these ratings, +1 is the most overstable, and -5 is the most unstable disc.

Do heavier discs fly farther?

No, lighter discs fly farther than a heavier disc. But a heavier disc is more stable than a light one.

What is the name of the most massive golf disc?

Condor is the heaviest golf disc. This disc is very stable and accurate at the same time.

Should I spend more money on good plastic?

Yes, you should invest more in this section. Because the plastic of the disc also has some massive effect on the gameplay.

Is disc golf easy to learn?

Yes, it easy to understand but hard to master. You will need a good amount of practice to master it.

How many types of discs do I need to play disc golf?

At least three different types of discs, and it would be best if you carry drivers, mid-range, and putters discs.

How much disc golf cost?

A disc golf cost around $8 to $20 based on the manufacturer, quality of plastic, type of disc, etc.

Final Thoughts About Best Disc Golf Discs for Intermediate Players

Do you love to play disc golf more than anything? Then, nothing will give you more fun than holding the perfect disc golf in hand. Till now, we have tried to help you to find the perfect one for you.

There is a total of ten discs golfs for the intermediate player, and each of them is considered unique and best for their qualities.

What could you have possibly done while searching for your next disc golf? You had to go through every single page of Amazon or other websites to find the best one out.

We wanted to make that process easier for you! We have searched the market for you and brought you the most popular and best disc golf discs for intermediate players.

Your more than half work is done now. All you have to do is picking the comparably good one out of the list. So, are you ready to decide which one from this the best discs for intermediate players is actually best for you?

Just follow your heart and go for it!



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