How to Practice Disc Golf putting without a Basket at Home

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Are you looking for some of the best ways for disc golf putting practice? especially without a basket?. The answer is – Of Course! You can practice golf disc putting this way if you want. However, Can you properly practice putting without a basket like a Pro?

To clarify, The golden rule for becoming better at something requires practicing a lot. Unlike other games, disc golf is a little different. Disc golf is all about timing & techniques that is 95% mental work.

With this intention to get better at disc golf at home, Simply start disc golf putting practice without a basket. Is that all? You need to follow a routine too. 

Furthermore, how much distance should you maintain for aiming? What are techniques to increase accuracy? 

Find out answers to your questions as you continue reading. Check out our tricks & tips to understand how to practice disc golf putting without a basket properly. 

How to practice disc golf at home

Important to realize, Disc golf is not an easy game. To clarify, you have to put a lot of effort & work to get better at this game. The more practice both mentally & physically you put into getting better at disc golf, the better you will be at it. 

To explain, practicing disc golf at home is the #1 way to improve your gameplay. In general, there are several ways to practice putting at home.

First, take an old basketball ring, then hang a chain around it & practice tossing putters inside the ring.

Furthermore, Some of the alternative substitutes for old basketball hoops are –

  • Pick a place in your yard. Then wrap a towel in the post & aim for it. 
  • Simply, Find a tree near your house & aim for it. 
  • Gather some pillows in a chair at the end of your room & aim for it. 
  • Setup a 55 Gallon drum or a trash can in your yard & aim for it.

As an illustration, stop at a reasonable distance from the practice basket & mark off as many feet as you can. Around  15 – 20 feet distance is ideal for everyone to make the first toss.

The next step is practicing from all angles to increase your throwing accuracy. For this reason, simply move the rim to different spots & drain a few putts. 

The final note for “How do you practice disc golf indoors” is – make a routine of fifteen minutes everyday disc golf putting practice & get better day by day. 

How to Practice Disc Golf putting without a Basket

Playing disc golf with our friends & family is quite fun, challenging & relaxing too. As a matter of fact, when I am out of town or living somewhere else for work purposes, personally I love to play disc golf very much.   

But what to do when I don’t have access to a basket?. Fortunately, I found out some tricks to practice putting without a basket & here I will share those simple yet effective tips for you.

  • First, a Ten-meter space between disc golf putting and you are enough for practicing. 
  • Second, trash can help you practice golf disc putting & will give you the feel of putting into a real basket. 
  • Third, Practice disk golf putters are the best for putting practice without a basket. 

Another key point, if you have time to spend then simply take a cardboard box and mark the size of your putting & start practicing. 

Furthermore, for practicing moving targets, you can use duct tape to mark several places & mimic real bucket standing places. This way, you can improve your accuracy & timing of putting without a basket. It’s a simple yet effective way. 

Disc golf practice discs

In general, Practice discs of disc golf are a little different from professional discs. The main difference lies in its flight ratings, types, numbers on the disc & stability. 

Another key point is the speed rating of the practice disc. To make the disc fly perfectly, you have to put power, spin it & throw it at a certain speed to practice putting. 

When choosing practice discs, some traits of disc golf discs you should look for first. Noteworthy traits are – 

Disc Speed

To explain, Practice disc’s speed should match your capabilities. Your capabilities depend on how much spin, power & throwing speed you are putting to make the disc fly towards the basket. 

Simply, buy speed rating 7 practice discs if you can easily throw about 300 feet on the field.

Disc Stability

Always remember that the more stable the disc is, the more it is hard to control. Whereas the less stable the disc is, the more it is easier to practice.

The advantage of unstable discs is they will help to find flaws in your form whereas stable discs will usually adjust & hide them.

Disc Weight

Markedly, there are no specific weights for the practice disc that are best suited for beginners. However, heavier practice discs perform better in windy weather whereas lighter ones perform better in normal weather. 

Plastic Quality of Disc

For practice discs, baseline plastics are the best choice because it’s cheaper. While practicing, beginners might lose the discs in the wood during the game. So it makes sense to get baseline plastic-made discs for practicing. 

Color Preference

Color preference is totally based on the user’s intent. However, we prefer light-colored discs as they are easier to find in the wood. 

When purchasing disc golf practice discs, be sure to remember these points. You will remain confident and surely benefit from it. 

Disc Golf Practice Net

Practicing putting at home is quite tough without a basket. As our topic emphasizes how to practice disc golf drives at home, another great option for practicing putting at home is the disc golf net. 

To put it another way, if you have a yard or basement access in your home then a disc golf net can really increase your performance through practicing there.

The advantages of having a disc golf practice net are – 

  • Spend more time on throwing instead of chasing discs.
  • Additionally, mastering your football & disc releasing.
  • You can work on your form & techniques of drives.
  • Likewise, practice golf disc putting at home. 

As shown above, there are lots of benefits of having a net at home in the long run. At the same time, when purchasing a disc golf practice net, always check its durability, stability & review first. 

Practice Disc Golf Throw

Practice, practice, and practice. Because the main theory behind the improvement in any game is all about practicing. So, how do you practice golf disc throwing properly at home?

Fortunately, when it comes to practicing disc golf throwing, we have got some ninja techniques for you.

  • First, start with a big empty field and gather a stack of discs. Get the release level and practice throwing from a standstill on the flight path you’re looking for. After throwing a few rounds while standing still, it’s time to add in the run-up. Practicing this technique will help to find your real weaknesses. 

*Additional tips – Get a stack of the putter & start throwing from five-meter first. Next, try ten-meter and so forth. 

  • Second, for beginner’s throwing practice starts with slower discs. The advantage of slower discs is you can learn a good form of throwing. As your form & throwing accuracy keep getting better day by day, you can go for higher speed discs.

*Additional tips –  If you can consistently throw Innova teebird past 300 foot then you have good form and now you should try higher speed discs. 

  • Lastly, basic disc golf throws are the best for practicing. Besides basic disc throws, you can also focus on forearm shots, hyzer flip, sidearm roller, anhyzers, flex shots, etc. These techniques will improve your consistency and accuracy by a great deal.

*Additional tips – A decent workout will build up your physical condition and will help you get better at throwing golf discs. 

Henceforth, Practicing disc golf throwing will help you get more puts & bring more joy to your disc golf gameplay. But over practicing might lead to a bad form of throwing. 

Altogether, our suggestion is – practice golf disc throwing for fifteen minutes every at different ranges & using our techniques. You will get better at this gameplay day by day.

Disc golf practice Tips

The first thing to remember, Practicing makes us get better at disc golf gameplay day by day. To clarify, the more you practice, the better you will get. 

Despite continuous practicing, you might not get the desired result at the end of the day. You might need some practicing tips to level up your game. 

As a matter of fact, disc golf practice tips from experts will give your game the most rapid development. Some tips for your disc golf practice improvement are – 

Start with Stretching

First of all, before starting disc golf practices, start with stretching. A 5 to 10 minutes warm-up will relax your muscles and brain. Also, avoid rushing to start practicing to avoid putting on misses.  

Practice Regularly

If you want to improve your game, you need to put it into practice regularly. And yet simply throwing a disc at a basket every day will not make you a top player. The advantage of regular practicing is you will know what your weaknesses and strengths are. As a result, you can focus on those weaknesses easily.

Know about Disc types

There are mainly three types of discs named driver, putter, and midrange. To get better through practice, you have to select the suitable one for your practice session. 

Focus on Reality

In reality, without a specific goal, you can not improve your gameplay even after practicing every day. Fortunately, if you focus on different aspects like throwing, putting, driving, etc your practice session will bring results for sure. 

Focus on Footwork

In professional games, you will see everyone talk about professional disc golf player’s footwork. To explain, disc throwing power comes from legs and hips. For that reason, you can follow some professional player’s footwork and try them in your practice matches to improve your gameplay.

Practice with Partner

A little competition can help you to improve your gameplay a lot. By nature, we always try to beat our partners. And that’s how our gameplay improves gradually.

Focus on Techniques

As a new or beginner player, you need to focus on different techniques to improve your gameplay. Start learning beginner throwing techniques and improve your throwing techniques day by day.

Focus on Disc Control

Disc control is all about speed. If you newly started practicing disc golf, then a heavier disc will help control. As you become better at throwing discs, you should go for lighter discs for more speed. 

Although, you might already know about some of those disc golf practice tips. But the fact is focusing on those tips will improve your gameplay a lot and help you achieve your goals.

Disc Golf Practice Drills

The most efficient way to improve your disc golf play is to focus on putting improvement. The great thing about improving is practicing again and again. 

To elaborate, there are lots of putting drills available for practicing. For practicing putting, some excellent drills are discussed below –  

1vs1 Drill

1vs1 drill applies when you are playing with a partner. First, start with two discs five feet away from the basket. You and your partner have to make at least one putt from two discs. If both of you make at least one putt, simply move back by five feet. The first person to miss both putts will lose the game. 

In case both of you miss, then first to make the next shot will be the winner by default.

HORSE Putting Drill

This putting drill is ideal for group play. The process is the first person will make a putt in any way. Then all others have to putt in the same fashion. 

Those who will miss will receive a letter from HORSE word. The process will continue until someone gets all the letters and loses the game. 

Obstacle Drill 

As the name implies, you have to put an obstacle between you and the basket for putting. Now, throw two shots behind the obstacle. If you made at least one putt, you can move back a little further. 

In case, you missed both shots then just stay put there. Keep trying more putts from that spot. Continue drilling until you are crushing the basket from a good distance away. 

Wrapup Summary

In brief, putting practice without a basket is quite possible and you can improve your disc golf game in this way. 

Given these points, I hope you got our message on how to disc golf putting without a basket and all the additional pieces of information for your gameplay improvement. 

 To sum up, be confident and keep your putting practicing on a timely routine to become better and better.

Enjoy your time and keep playing disc golf around!

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