Disc Golf Throwing Styles: Learn 5 Top Techniques to Be An Expert

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Are you in mint condition for the game of disc golf? You don’t know, how to throw a disc perfectly? Then you have to learn distinct throwing styles. I will teach you so many disc golf throwing styles in this article. We know that “perseverance is the key to success “. If you practice more & more you will be a perfect disc golfer.

To be a good disc golf warrior you don’t need to imply all these at a time. Rehearse these again and again. You’ll find which styles you should use. So, take a quick look at this article. How to throw the disc golf explained here. I’m sure you will get the best outcome.

Disc golf throwing styles

There are 5 top styles you have to learn. Among them, 2 are the most common styles. Forehand & backhand throw.

Here 5 top styles described.

Backhand throw

The backhand throw is one of the best styles of the golf disc. It is identical to the physical movements of tennis. To throw a backhand grip you have to place your thumb on top of the shaft with your fingers below. Position your index finger outermost from the ridge.

Focus on your target. Place your feet appropriately. Backhand throws are the simplest styles. During the windup, you should be brought the disc opposite of throwing hand side to the body.

I mean, a left-handed player will twist toward their right side. Turn your shoulder and hips from the target. This puts you in a standard physical position. You can get supreme power from the throw. Extend your arm & fasten your wrist forward. Release arises then. So, the backhand throw is the easiest one.

Disc golf throwing styles

Forehand (Side-arm) Throw

The forehand throw is not similar to the backhand throw & more complex than this. The backhanded player uses the straddle stance in which the golfer would face the target with the foot’s shoulder. And also facing the target and & shoulder-width apart.

In this throw, the grip is the same as for the backhand throw. But instead of curling the wrist inward, the golfer is instead the wrist turned outward.

The golfer would extend his or her right out. Moving it behind his shoulder line, making chest high, twist the hips slightly to help produce power.

The release point will be about a foot forward of the shoulder line. It is a potential throw. The golfer can make more distance by this throw. And potentially more power and speed.

Overhand Throw

The overhand throw is a unique style of the disc golf game. Only a serious disc golfer follows this style & be dedicated. It is not often seen in occasional games. If you want to be the best golfer by overhand throw you must take plenty of practice.

Tomahawk throw and the hammer throws are also the names of the overhand throw. Cause the motion of the overhand throw is similar to throwing the hammer. The girl of this throw is similar to a side-arm throw. The flight pattern is unique too.

It is the best one for driving around or over barriers. This can make the small building between you and your target. But you can fly over the building exclusively. And you’ll also use either straddle stances or a foot forward. This motion is identical to forehand throw but it can generate more powerful lift and height. Just difference in bring your hand over your shoulder and above your head instead.

Hyzer Throw

This throw is particular from other throws. It works with the disc’s natural angle. To apply hyzer throw you must understand the angle. If you do that you will easily be making your plan for the next throw? You can control your disc suitably. It will help you drive around barriers. A large angle can hardly turn. In this throw your disc moving in a downward direction.

Anhyzer Throw

Anhyzer throw is the reverse of the hyzer throw. The angle of this throw directing upward. If you are a right-handed thrower & dedicating then this is for you. You have to practice more and more. Without practice, you will unable to catch this style. Make a different angle, you will learn how to cover your lost distance.

If you throw the disc fifty feet from the left you will face a long journey. So, throw the disc straight. Don’t draw back during the throw, otherwise, the throw will back toward you instead of your target. So, you have to be careful during this throw.

How To Throw Disc Golf

The discs golf is colloquially called “frolf” or “folf” in some parts of the US (United States). It is a fun game like golf. It is like taking exercise. Forehand and backhand throws are the two well-known & most common processes.

These are so easy to learn that you will be getting hole-in-ones in a few times. To be a master in a disc golf game you have to know about two methods of disc golf throwing. By these, you will learn how to throw disc golf easily.

1st Method: The backhand throwing.

There are some special steps to throw the backhand.


  • Take a position laterally to the target. Place your weight on your back foot.
  • Point your feet at a 90° angle to the target.


  • Grip the disc with your thumb on height & fingers underneath. Position your fingers comfortably.
  • Move-in different angles to learn which one is suitable for you. Take an experiment in positioning your fingers until making sure which one is well for you.
  • Avoid placing your fingers along the side of the golf disc. This can shorten your disc.


  • Grip your arm upright and grab it behind you. Position your disc behind the shoulder of the throwing arm.
  • Try to practice in front of the glass. You can monitor how your body is positioned.


  • Grip the disc golf horizontally. Angel your disc downward so that it can use all momentum without loss.
  • Hold your wrist flat and try to maintain this position.


  • Swing your arm forward. Then release the disc.
  • Fast bring your arm toward the target. Your disc will fly more rapidly.
  • Focus on your target. Earn accuracy from your throw.


  • Transfer your weight to your front foot. Make a balance.
  • Bend your front leg slightly. This will increase your quickness.


  • Release the disc & continuously swinging your arm toward the target.
  • This will increase the distance. The faster you throw the disc the faster you reach the target.

2nd Method: The forehand throwing.

Steps are described below:-


  • Hold the disc between your thumb & middle finger.
  • This will uncomfortable for beginners. But don’t upset, “practice makes you comfortable”. Keep on the trial.
  • Hold the disc truly. This will give you good control of the throw.


  • Stand sideways, to the target with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Point your non-throwing shoulder toward your target.
  • Bend your knees slightly to give you extra stability.


  • Hold the disc flat and pull your arm back away from your target.
  • Hold your forearm horizontally to, get a comfortable position.
  • Keep your wrist horizontally. Tray to maintain this position.


  • Flick your wrist & forearm forward.
  • Point your wrist toward the target. Then release the golf disc.
  • The faster you will flick the further the disc will fly.
  • Your hips maybe turn slightly. But it’s normal which can make your movement nice is smooth.

Different Types Of Disc Golf Throws

There are 5 general throws in disc golf.

These are:

  1. Forehand (side-arm) throws
  2. Backhand throws
  3. Overhand throws
  4. Hyzer throws
  5. Anhyzer throws.

Each of these types has 4 identical components. Viz:

  • Grip- how to hold the disc.
  • Stance- how to move your body.
  • Windup- how to end your disc to throw.
  • Release- when & how to fly the disc.

What Are All the Different Throws Of Disc Golf?

It is a tough game. Relieve tension. Learn all the different throws of disc golf. It will help you to apply the best one. You will be experienced and get a guideline to play appropriately.

Different throws of disc golf are:

  1. Forehand
  2. Backhand
  3. Overhand (hammer/tomahawk)
  4. Hyzer
  5. Analyzer
  6. Turnover shot
  7. Roller shot
  8. S shot
  9. Hyzer Flip
  10. Flex shot
  11. Thumbers

Learn 3 Other Important Ways. It will help you to improve your throwing styles.

 3 other ways to improve your backhand

  1. Lots& Lots of fields of practice. For beginners, there is no alternative to avoid the practice. But there are 3 techniques to improve your backhand throw. These are practice, practice, and practice. Mind it, “ the more you practice in the field, the more you learn”
  2. Learn, understand & application technique. You know what, “technique is the key to improve your backhand. Because the technique is better than the vast knowledge.
  3. Drills

3 Other Ways To Improve Your Forehand

  1. Start short & slow. No need to throw the disc immediately. Take time and realize by which position you feel comfortable. Try a short approach at first. Bypassing the days you will improve your styles.
  2.  Practice in the net.
  3. Throw understandable discs. Avoid overstable disc as you are in new in the forehand.

  3 Other Ways To Improve Your Hyzer

  1. Having trouble with your hyzer? Well, make your throw slow and short.
  2. Obstacles drills.
  3. General field practice.

So we can say, 3 other ways to improve your throwing styles are largely identical. But you have to practice in all aspects of your style.

Frequently Asked Questions

You want to be a disc golfer warrior. But you are new & don’t understand the disc golf throwing styles. You confused that how to start the first time. Don’t worry, you are in the right place to remove your all confusion. Read the faqs. Check-in details now.

Q1: What Are The Best Discs Styles For A Beginner?

Answer: The backhand throwing styles are undoubtedly the best throw for the beginner. These are the simplest styles. You don’t need to face a complicated turn.

The Forehand throws are another most common style for a fresher. These are opposite to the backhand throws.

Q2: How Can I Improve My Throwing Styles?

Answer: First of all, you have to practice again and again. Never stop p practice ng. Feel comfortable with your discs.

You can use the best disc towels to make your throw easier. Select your discs which will carry easily according to your weight.

Q3: Is This Essential To Apply All The Styles Together?

Answer:  Of course not, you must learn all the styles. But it is not necessary to apply together.

Just apply this style to which one is easier for you. Avoid sophisticated styles.

Q4: Will Any Throwing Risky For Me?

Answer: Absolutely, will. But you can protect yourself. Make sure your disc golf is appropriate to your age and weight.

Choose a suitable ground to place your disc. Avoid throwing face to face toward the target. Take a comfortable position from the target.

Final Thoughts about disc golf throwing styles

It is high time for wrapping up this article. But before finishing I would like to say something. Among various disc golf throwing styles the backhand and the forehand styles are the best ones. You should practice one between these. If you want to get the best outcome you have to practice more and more.

Once you start a practice, you should make sure to avoid a gap in the trial. Your seriousness will help you to climb to the peak of success. So, as a well-wisher, I will suggest that start from now.

Yes, just now you have to start practice. Later is negligible to get something adequately. Follow this article to full of your concentration. Trust me. You’ll be benefited.

Here is the Video of different types of disc golf throwing styles.

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