Top 5 Best Disc Golf Discs for Forehand Reviews of 2021

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Usually, there are two types of throwing techniques used to throw disc golf discs. One is the conventional and widely used “backhand throw”. And another one is a “forehand throw”.

Disc golf is a sport combining two totally different types of sports and combining it in one. The rule is similar to golf. The game is generally played in a 9 or 18 hole course. And the player who hits the target in the least amount of throws wins.

The forehand throw is used for angular shots and accuracy. The disc tends to curve in the opposite direction in forehand shots. The slightly heavier discs usually do well in forehand throws.

In this article, we will look into how to choose the best possible forehand disc for you and the 5 best disc golf discs for forehand suitable throwing. The outcomes shown in the articles were found via various research and analysis were done by our team.

Best Disc Golf Disc for Forehand throw

Here is a compilation of the 5 best disc golf discs for forehand throw we came across from our extensive research.

1. MVP Disc Sports Proton Tesla

best forehand disc golf driver

MVP makes a couple of the best disc golf discs. Tesla is one of the greatest they offer. The tesla is a stable distance driver. Distance drivers mean that it travels a long distance with minimum efforts. The tesla has a smooth flat top. It is easier to throw forehand for this flat top.

The disc is in the overstable category. And stays really really stable at high speed also. So that makes a great choice for a forehand distance driver in the tee area. The tesla comes in various plastic materials. The neutron and the proton plastic teslas are the best options for forehand throws.

The high-quality materials make sure they survive the harshest conditions like headwinds or woody areas. It is highly durable and lasts very long. The beadles’ design of the tesla gives advantages if you are going for a low aiming shot. The bottom of the driver is very smooth.

For that, the disc travels a long distance in a woody area without getting caught in things. Also, the stable disc can maintain the line pretty well. It can fly about 350 feet in a wooden course too. The tesla is surprisingly consistent. While gliding it takes beautiful subtle turns also. The accuracy of tesla is pretty good as well.


  • Versatile discs can be used both as forehand and backhand thrower
  • The excellent control fairway driver
  • Ideal disc for experts
  • PDGA approved
  • Very comfortable to grip on
  • Consistent disc with reliable fade


  • Beginners could have a hard time using it
  • Hard to locate for its color
  • Stability can be too much sometimes

2. Westside Harp Putt and Approach Disc

Westside Discs Origio Burst Harp Disc Golf Putter

Nobody generally uses a forehand shot for putts, but it’s really useful to get a decent forehand approach disk in your pocket. The Westside Harp is as good as it is when it comes to the forehand approach shots.

This disk became very popular for this purpose when it was used by professional disc golfer Ricky Wysocki. This Westside Harp Putter Golf disc is a really nice-looking disc. Also a great performance on a course. It has a putter depth, as it has a mid-range width. It also feels comfortable in your hand with a nice flat top. The flat-top ensures consistent releases.

The Harp is available in a wide range of different plastics. For forehand throws, choose VIP or Tournament plastic blends. The motion ratings on the Harp are fairly solid. This one has a straight flight and does not turn out of your palm. And still ends with a slight fade. With its durability, the disc won’t transform on high-power throws. . It’s not a super glide.

Which is exactly what you want in the approaching disc. The Harp is among the discs that many players throw more often forehand than backhand as it so turns resistant while still providing a straight flight. Overall, this disc can be ideal for players who are looking for a consistent forehand approach shot.


  • Good performances with anhyzer flex shots and hyzer shots
  • Does not flip, overstable disc
  • PDGA approved
  • Excellent in forehand approach shots
  • Reliable fade


  • Not smoothly stable

3. Discraft Buzzz Review

Discraft Buzzz ESP Golf Disc

The Discraft Buzz is another fine midrange forehand. This is yet another disc with a fantastic feel and a perfectly flat top. Buzz is the forehand disc that you want to use for perfectly straight shots. It is tough to shoot Buzz at full power, but for smooth control for sidearm shots, this drive is super smooth.

The Discraft Z Line Buzz is one of the midrange discs that can take on a good basic level. Especially when fade becomes very tricky to handle. It highlights the Elite Z Plastic, one of Discraft’s most reliable plastics. It is also translucent and usually available in lively and vibrant colors.

Forehand throws the stability of the Buzz is smooth and fades slowly at the end of the flight. Which makes it pretty good for new players. It can fly straight, and it performs at a good distance. It’s ideal to use if you’re going anywhere between 100 and 200 feet.

The good news is you won’t need to throw this Buzz disc hard or with high arm speed. You’ll do just fine at your own pace. I can say it is a great beginner disc that is fairly controllable whether you’re throwing it with forehand or backhand.

So, if you are in search of the best forehand disc in 2021 for beginners, this Buzz golf disc will do. Intermediate participants may give the disc a crack as well.

The anhyzer shot is recommended to try with the disc, and you’ll notice how you can drift slowly and make good touch shots. Although it’s a midranges sort of disc, it can travel straight and flatten out comfortably.

There are certain shots where you’d have consistency and a flight path like this Buzz disc. Overall, it can depend on how you can throw it although, don’t be too pressurized to throw it at high speed.


  • Ideal for both beginners and experts
  • Straight flight and easy to control
  • Great for wooded areas
  • PDGA approved
  • Don’t need much power in the throw
  • Equally good for both forehand throw and backhand throws.


  • Not much stable at the start
  • Hard to find in the market

4. Infinite Discs Pharaoh

Infinite Discs Pharaoh |Disc Golf Maximum Distance Driver

If you’re searching for one of the best forehand disc golf drivers who will give you more range, try Pharaoh’s Infinite Discs.

Pharaoh is available in a variety of various plastics. Swirly S-Blend plastic mix is a little tougher than other plastic varieties. Also seems to give it a little more reliability and faster launch While all of the other recommended sidearm discs have fully flat tops, the Pharaoh actually has a small dome on them.

When it comes to distance, the dome makes for some more air passage, glide, and distance. If you have a large open field and need another 50 feet of distance, the pharaoh is the disc. It can get a gap of around 350 feet with strong forehand throws.

When thrown flat at full power, the Pharaoh will turn to the left for around 250 feet. Afterward, it will begin to fade back to right for a maximum distance S-Curve flight. Since this disc is slightly understable with high strength, this disc isn’t really optimal for headwinds.

Skilled disk golfers like Jessica Weese frequently rely on the Pharaoh for their forehand range shots. Advanced players and those with big hands might find that Pharaoh is a little too touchy for a full-power shot.

But if you have a decent shape and a distance of fewer than 400 feet, this disc is completely blasted. If you’re aiming for more distance for your forehand, sidearm, or flick shot, try Pharaoh’s Infinite Discs.


  • Big S-curved flight path
  • Good distance with great control
  • PDGA Approved
  • Great for forehand distance
  • Flies straight and has a predictable distance
  • Very Comfortable wide rim


  • Not much comfortable for big arm players
  • Not good against headwinds

5. MVP Disc Sport Proton Deflactor Midrange

MVP Disc Sports Proton Deflector Disc Golf

As stated earlier the MVP are famous makers of disc golf discs. Some of their discs are the best for forehand throws. You can see the best forehand disc golf players all carrying at least one MVP disc on them.

The proton deflector midrange is an overstable midrange. The discs produce overstable flights while fighting with powerful headwinds. The deflector provides consistent performance in all conditions. The disc is on the heavier side. The disc is popular for being a slow disc.

And also known for its overstability at low speed. In a hyzer shot, the disc will follow a smooth fade and a pronounced stable finish. In an anhyzer shot, the deflector would fight out of its turn and flat out in the end.

The deflector is made of MVP’s prized proton plastic. The proton plastic is really a solid material and heavy-duty. Also, the disc is designed to withstand the roughest of conditions.

The deflector comes in a wide range of colors also. As a whole, the MVP disc sports proton deflector is a great disc. It is beginner-friendly. Also, experts and professionals will have a good game using them too.


  • High-quality material built
  • Bright colors, easy to spot on
  • Really great overstability
  • Consistent performance even in a headwind
  • Smooth transition and landing
  • PDGA approved


  • Requires good arm strength to throw in forearms.

How To Choose Best Disc Golf Discs for Forehand Players

There are no special discs for forehand throws in disc golf. Any discs can be thrown using backhand, and forehand. Just some discs perform better in the forehand and some perform better in the backhand. Here we will talk about how to pick the best possible disc for your next disc golf tournament.

Type of disc

As you know there are many discs types of discs used in disc golf. You can use any of them for throwing. But should consider things.

Forehand discs should be flat on top

Flat top discs make sure consistent releases. Discs with domes on top affect throwing time consistency in forehand throwing.

You have to be consistent in your game to win the match. So inconsistent throwing could toll on your whole game. Also, curved discs can run on undesired angles.

Choose non grippy plastic

Sticky or grippy plastic is tougher to release. Grippier plastics stay longer with fingers and fluctuates with release time. Late releases can cause some serious problems. A late forehand throw can drift farther than desired. Use discs made of champion plastic or the same type of plastic like that.

Over-stable discs are better for forehand throwing

Forehand throws produce more torque than backhand throws. Regular stable discs could not handle that kind of torque. You have to pick an overstable disc to throw forehands.

Overstable discs can handle the torque of the throw and go to the distance. Understable discs can take high turns in a powerful forehand throw.

Disc comfort in the hand

You should feel comfortable throwing the disc holding it in your hands. For not only forehand throws but backhand throws as well. If the discs are not comfortable in your hand, you won’t have a clean throw. Generally, you’ll have a comfortable forehand throw using a disc with

Smaller rims in forehand throws, you have to grip your disc with your fingers. Smaller rims are better for gripping with fingers. Blunt edges of the disc will slide along with your index finger, But this is not the case in the case of larger rims.

All discs could be used to throw a forehand. But not every disc feels comfortable on the hand. Some feel more pain than others. Choose your driver or disc according to your hand and finger sizes.

Best Forehand Discs for Beginners

As mentioned earlier, every disc is both forehand discs and backhand discs. If you’re a beginner and want to level up your game by mastering the forehand throw you should consider some things before choosing your driver.

Select a beginner-friendly disc

Choosing the correct disc as a beginner is a vital challenge. A beginner should go for a beginner-friendly disc with regular edges. The discs with custom edges are for advanced and pro players and take time to master their techniques.

Considerations for the throw

In-game situations affect the selection of discs. If you want your disc to go far, take a distance disc. If you want to make an off-the-tee-shot choose an approach putter. Use a midrange for a skip shot.

Skill and arm power

As a beginner select a disc that is of low speed. For forehand throws the lifting speed is not much needed. High-Speed discs lack accuracy. Choose a driver with a speed count of 11 or less at least.


Preferences come with time. The more you gain experience the more your preference will develop. With your experience, your skills would develop as well. Choose disc as your throwing style. Choose the rim thickness as you prefer. Also the curves of the disc as well.

There are many types of plastic used to build different types of drivers. You will get a favorite material as you get experience in the game. Like the material, you will gain fondness of a particular dome’s shape, the flatness of the disc, beaded or unbeaded edges of a disc.

The disc you choose should suit your body structure. You will not be able to handle a big disc if you have a small hand or a finger. Choose a disc that favors your body, especially fits your hand and fingers. Overstable discs are harder to turn over.

Try choosing an overstable disc if you are learning forehand throws. Champion plastics and such plastics are great for torque handling. So try to go for those.

Difference between Forehand disc and Backhand discs

The discs you can throw by backhand, same discs you can throw in forehand. There are no specific discs for each style of a throw. ​If your technique is done right, every type of disk should work both backhand and forehand as it should be.

Physics is a significant factor that causes the discs to spin between throws a little more drastically.​Any driver can be used. Your technique and physic are the main things for a good throw. So get the discs you prefer and start honing your skills. You will be a great disc golfer in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions about best forehand discs

How Should You Throw a Forehand?

You can forehand throw a driver in 3 different ways. You can use,

  1. The forehand grip
  2. The 3 steps walk up
  3. Follow-through

Before throwing the driver, building momentum is key. You will not have a perfect shot without building the perfect momentum.​It’s crucial to create momentum before throwing.

First, step on your left so that you can get the momentum. Ahead you step on your right. As you do this, that’s when you turn the step back to the hips. As you head to the last and final position, the hips will rotate back into your position. Then the arm follows the last leg of the foot.

Another key element of the disc throw is the grip/ You have to hold the disc properly. ​ One of the major blunders I see with the beginners when I throw a forehand is that they don’t hold the disc tight enough.

It’s why the disk comes out of their hand fluttering. And so it is vital to hold the disk tightly when you throw whatever disc you buy you must grip properly for a good throw.

What Is The Difference Between Forehand, Flick, and Sidearm?

The answer is nothing. Forehand, flick, and sidearm are all different names for the same general motion of throwing. In general, disc golfers are able to generate more distance with less motion from either the simple flick of the wrist generated by just a sidearm throw.

For this reason, forehand throws are especially valuable when forced to stick in an off-putting lie behind trees, bushes, and other obstacles.

Why is Forehand Throws Essential?

Forehand throws travels to the opposite of the throwing direction. So the right-handed forehand throws drifts towards the left. And the backhand drifts to the right. If an in-game situation comes that your driver needs to drift left, without knowing forehand throw, you will be in a pickle.

Forehand gives you the luxury of accuracy without a run-up. Sometimes you won’t get a space for a run-up. In those situations, the forehand throw will come in handy. Also, forehands are good for corner shots as well.

Final Thoughts about best disc golf discs for forehand

In short, finding the best disc golf discs for forehand throws doesn’t have to be hard. Keep in mind that there’s no specific type of disc for forehand or sidearm throws, but some disc features work better than others.

To narrow down your options and help you find the ultimate pick mentioned above, there is a comprehensive list of some of our favorite forehand discs and their detailed reviews. Also, take note of the important factors.

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